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Mindy Hoover

Mindy Hoover, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) and a Certified Home Stager who brings a unique blend of expertise, artistic flair, and community dedication to her role as a top Realtor®. With an impressive background in the performing arts, a commitment to philanthropy, and a passion for real estate, Mindy's journey is one marked by excellence, creativity, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Mindy's journey into real estate is illuminated by her dedication to professionalism and the pursuit of excellence. Her distinction as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist underscores her commitment to providing unparalleled service to clients seeking luxury properties. This certification attests to her proficiency in handling the unique demands of the luxury real estate market, ensuring that her clients receive expert guidance throughout their buying or selling journey.

In addition to her luxury real estate credentials, Mindy is a Certified Home Stager, utilizing her keen eye for design to present properties in their best light. Her skill in staging homes plays a crucial role in helping clients achieve optimal results in the competitive real estate market. Whether preparing a luxury estate or a charming family home for sale, Mindy's staging expertise enhances the appeal and value of each property she represents.

Mindy's affinity for the arts and her background in the performing arts have significantly shaped her approach to real estate. With a Music Degree in Vocal Performance, Mindy's artistic sensibilities and attention to detail shine through in her work. Her ability to understand the nuances of aesthetics and presentation translates seamlessly into her role as a Realtor®, where she skillfully showcases homes in a way that resonates with potential buyers.

Mindy's love for the arts extends beyond her musical endeavors. She has been an active member of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, immersing herself in the vibrant cultural scene of Music City. Her involvement with the various youth theatre groups within her community further attests to her dedication to fostering creativity and enriching the cultural landscape of the community she calls home.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mindy is a compassionate and engaged member of her community. As the chair for the non-profit organization Love the Dress TN, she exemplifies her commitment to giving back and making a difference. Love the Dress TN provides free prom dresses to girls in need, allowing them to experience the joy of a memorable prom night. Mindy's leadership and involvement with this organization underscore her dedication to empowering and supporting young individuals in her community.

Mindy's life is enriched by her roles as both a real estate professional and a loving mother. As a proud mother of two remarkable children, she understands the importance of family values, a sense of community, and the significance of finding a home that resonates with a family's unique needs and aspirations.

Mindy Hoover is a multifaceted talent who has seamlessly integrated her artistic background, professional expertise, and community engagement into a successful and fulfilling real estate career. Her certifications as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Certified Home Stager, combined with her musical prowess and dedication to philanthropy, have positioned her as a respected leader in the industry. Mindy's commitment to excellence, creativity, and community makes her a standout Realtor® who not only excels in helping clients achieve their real estate goals but also contributes positively to the lives of those she serves.

Making A Positive Impact

Jason Hoover

Jason Hoover, a distinguished figure in the real estate realm, stands as a beacon of leadership and expertise, having spent decades shaping and guiding the trajectory of real estate professionals. As a Principal Broker of a prominent real estate office, Jason brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making a significant impact on both agents and the industry as a whole.

With a rich background characterized by training and coaching Realtors, Jason Hoover's legacy is rooted in his commitment to elevating the standards of the real estate profession. His enduring dedication to fostering growth, honing skills, and nurturing talent has been instrumental in shaping countless successful real estate careers. As a mentor and educator, Jason has demonstrated his ability to inspire, mentor, and empower aspiring and seasoned professionals alike.

As a Principal Broker, Jason Hoover presides over a large real estate office, steering it towards innovation, excellence, and a client-centric approach. His leadership philosophy is centered on fostering a collaborative environment that promotes continuous learning and development among agents, ultimately translating into exceptional service for clients.

Jason's formidable skills and insights in the real estate industry are complemented by his robust educational foundation. He earned a Business Degree from Belmont University, a testament to his commitment to academic excellence and the application of business principles in his career. His academic prowess serves as a strong foundation for his strategic decision-making, operational leadership, and the effective management of a dynamic real estate office.

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Jason Hoover possesses an innate understanding of client needs and market dynamics. This experience equips him with a unique perspective that enriches his guidance to both agents and clients, ensuring that he consistently delivers valuable insights and solutions.

Beyond his prowess in the real estate sector, Jason is also a seasoned investor with a keen eye for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the market. His investment acumen demonstrates his astute financial insight and contributes to his well-rounded approach to real estate and business ventures.

While Jason is undoubtedly an accomplished professional, he is equally passionate about his personal interests. A true aficionado of baseball and bourbon, he finds joy in the nuances of both pastimes. These hobbies not only offer him relaxation and leisure but also reflect his appreciation for tradition, history, and the finer things in life.

Amidst his professional endeavors and interests, Jason's core value remains steadfast: family. Family serves as the cornerstone of his identity and fuels his drive to succeed. His unwavering commitment to his loved ones and his dedication to fostering strong family values are evident in every aspect of his life.

Jason Hoover is a visionary leader in the real estate landscape who has made an indelible mark through his coaching, leadership, and family-centric values. His role as a Principal Broker, coupled with his extensive experience, educational background, and investment prowess, positions him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

As he continues to shape the careers of Realtors and contribute to the growth of the real estate sector, Jason's commitment to excellence and family values remains the cornerstone of his remarkable journey.


"Mindy was incredible! She was there from start to finish! Even early in the morning and late at night! Buying a house in this market was tough but she made it as painless as possible! I highly recommend her! We feel so blessed to have had such an INCREDIBLE Agent who was extremely knowledgeable!"

Lenabel Rowell

"Not only is Mindy a professional, she is caring and creative- just the type of person you need when making a life-changing decision. Can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Judith Woods

"Mindy was on the ball and helped us find a home that had been recently returned to the market. We love it!  She even helped us meet a few new neighbors by having an open house for us after we moved in. Mindy is very personable and easy to work with."

Jackie King

"Selling a home is a challenging time for anyone and I had to put my home up for sale during a very difficult situation. Jason and his team came into my life and made everything bearable. They organized and scheduled showings for homes to look at and when the time came to sell my home the work was seamless and happened quickly. I can never thank them enough for their support and compassion."

Debra B.

"Mindy Hoover worked tirelessly when I was considering purchasing an investment property. She is always  professional, always available, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend."

Leah Clo

"Super responsive! Met us on the fly at a property within the same day of us connecting."


"My wife and I met with Mindy about relocating to the Murfreesboro area. She has set up a daily / weekly email with homes that are on the market for us to view. Our in person experience with her was top notch, her team is very professional and took the time to listen to us, and help find the perfect home."

Matt Eldred

"Working with Mindy from the Hoover team and we love the service. Mindy provides great support and service. We could not find a home to purchase so we had one built. Mindy was there ever step of the way. Even helping the wife to pick and choose the interior designs we wanted. She works with the builder to solve problems. We are very happy."

Andy Maloy

"Mindy and the Hoover Team worked very hard to help us buy our first home. Our lender gave us a very hard time during closing amidst COVID-19, but Mindy never stopped fighting for us to make our closing deadline."

Miles Crockett

"Mindy has been absolutely amazing! I will without a doubt be recommending her to my friends and family!"

Stacy Moist

"I cannot express how grateful I am that my husband and I had the hoover team on our side for our first home purchase. They took the trepidation out of buying a house and honestly made it seem easy. They walked us step by step through each process and helped us buy the perfect home for our needs and wants. HIGHLY recommend!"

Kelli Pflieger

"Loved working with Mindy and the Hoover team! Mindy went over and above trying to sell our house! She held two open houses (in one weekend) and posted very large advertising flags in our yard and neighborhood entrance where even our neighbors were impressed and said we should have charged admission because there were over 50 cars in one day! It worked because we ended up having 12 offers and the house went $20,000 over asking 😊"

Lauren Hunter

"Mindy took us on a 3 day search of homes in October.  We sold our house in a day and it sent us into a frenzy looking for a new house and we lived in another state.  Mindy came on our wild ride and helped us find a new home . After looking at house after house after house, we found one.  She went out to the property several times and sent us pictures of progress.  She also helped with loan vendors and kept us on track.  The Hoover Team is at the top of our list for realty groups and they should be on yours too!"

Joann Hays

"We had the pleasure of working with Mindy on our relocation from California. This is no small feat working at two opposite parts of the country, but Mindy made it a breeze. She is so friendly, kind, & patient. As a mother and former teacher, she understood exactly what I was looking for when deciding to relocate my family of 5. She’s has an incredible personality, is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and a true expert in her field. I feel blessed to have found her and look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future!

Erin Freitas

"My wife and I recently had privilege of working with Jason and Mindy Hoover and all I can say is WOW! We were first time home buyers with no experience on how the process works. Jason and Mindy were well equipped to help us through that most difficult process and honestly did all the legwork. They made it fun. They were patient and took their time adding their feedback in critical moments that helped guide our ultimate decision. I cannot recommend team Hoover enough if you’re in the market for a new home."

Brian Rhea

"Mindy was a delight to work with. She helped myself and my youngest son buys homes at the same time. She was always available to us answering our questions and guiding us in the right direction.  I really appreciate her help"

Barbara K.

"I got to work with Mindy and she was absolutely wonderful! She took a very stressful life decision, and turned it into something very easy. She listened to everything we wanted in a home and every concern we had. She was very reassuring and that meant a lot to me being that I am very unsure of a lot of things. Every time I felt discouraged, she reassured me that my dream home was still out there and she was right. I can’t thank her and her team enough!"

Emilly Griggs

"Had reached out to the Hoover team about selling my house and their response time was quick. My appointment went better than I could have anticipated and I am extremely please with moving forward. Mindy walked me through the process of selling a home and possible improvements to get the most out of the sell. Their continuous support and guidance is making this potentially stressful time a breeze and I am happy to have the Hoover team on my side to sell this house!!"

Kara Altes

"This team is simply Amazing. They work hard for you and go above and beyond. They are fun and kind. You will have the best “Home “ /House purchase experience possible. Mindy helps guide you through each part of the process. You simply have to go with The Hoover Team of Keller Williams."

September Dawn Ogan

"Mindy knows the various areas thoroughly. She takes the time to really assess our needs and wants, to make her recommendations. She truly cares that we will make the best decision for our family."

Claire L.

"We were blessed to work with Mindy. she is very nice person and professional. For every question she had an answer. We will use her services again."

Oksana K

"Mindy helped both myself and my son buy homes at the same time. She was very easy to work with and always answered any question that we had. It was a pleasure working with her."

Barbara MacDougall